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Each menu was mindfully crafted to ensure peak freshness, availability, and abundance of flavor. Each menu was designed to highlight local products found within the Sierra Nevadas to the  Northern California coast.

Event Menus

Each menu was mindfully crafted to elevate your next gathering.

Event Packages

Plated Meals available for a small upcharge and staff availability.

​#1 - Appetizer, Soup or Salad, & Entree | Starting at $118/Guest

#2 - Appetizer, Soup or Salad, Entree & Dessert | Starting at $134/Guest 

#3 - Appetizer, Soup or Salad, Entree & Dessert + Option: 2nd Appetizer or 2nd Entree/Protein | Starting at $147/Guest

#4 - 2 Appetizers, Soup or Salad, Entree, Dessert & 2nd Entree Protein | Starting at $158/Guest

*Menus are 100% customizable 

Rates: All rates are based on menu selections, service package, guest count, location, and date.

All rates include: Event Planning, Menu Construction, Groceries, Food Shopping, Staffing, Travel, Event Execution, Cleaning, & More.

All rates DO  NOT include: Tax or Gratuity (gratuity is optional, however always appreciated for a job well done)

Meal Prep Menus

Each menu is mindfully designed by The Mindful Chef, personal chef services to meet your exact dietary preferences and restrictions. These menus highlight organic, seasonal, nutrient dense ingredients that ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Prepared Meals

Sample Menus Coming Soon

Meal Prep Packages

3 x 4 | 3 Entrees, 4 Portions Each, 12 Total Meals | $350 + Cost of Groceries​

4 x 4 | 4 Entrees, 4 Portions Each, 16 Total Meals | $400 + Cost of Groceries

5 x 4 | 5 Entrees, 4 Portions Each, 20 Total Meals | $450 + Cost of Groceries 

Popular Add-ons: Extra Portions, Snacks, Fresh Juice, Side Salads, Stock Extra Groceries, and more.

Below are examples of popular packages. Menus are 100% customizable, and your menu will be costomized to your preferences and budget.

Custom Menu

Have something different in mind?

Team up with The Mindful Chef and create a unique one of a kind menu for you and your guests. 

*Additional Fees May Apply

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