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Meal Prep

Our meal prep service is perfect for busy individuals who don't have the time to cook for themselves. We provide freshly-prepared meals tailored to your individual needs and tastes, so you can stay healthy and energized throughout your day. With our convenient meal prep services, you can be sure that your meals are always fresh, delicious, and nutritious. Together, we can come up with a solution that keeps you well fed and in budget.

Vegetables in Paper Bags

How In-home Meal Prep Works...

The Mindful Chef provides a fully customizable in-home meal prep service to cater to your unique needs and lifestyle. We begin by conducting a complimentary in-home consultation before your first cooking session, where we'll discuss your specific preferences and requirements. To ensure we provide the best service, we'll provide a brief questionnaire and assess your kitchen inventory. On the scheduled cooking date, we'll prepare up to four servings of three, four, or five entrees. Before leaving we will clean up and leave your kitchen just the way we found it.

Step By Step




The Mindful Chef offers a free in-home consultation for those interested in our meal prep services. We'll discuss dietary needs, preferences, limitations, goals, allergies, and sensitivities. We'll also assess your kitchen equipment, inventory, and storage for seamless service.

To secure your service date and allow us to plan your menu, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required upon expressing interest in The Mindful Chef's in-home meal prep services.

Chef Andrew will create a personalized menu for you, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options, based on your preferences and budget.


Chef Andrew will source fresh, organic and high-quality ingredients during grocery shopping at a store of your choosing to ensure the highest quality of your meals.


On the agreed cooking date, the The Mindful Chef will arrive at your residence and spend a several hours preparing the meals using your kitchen and equipment, and we will clean up before leaving.


Finally, the Chef Andrew will pack the meals in separate containers (provided by you), store them in your fridge or freezer, and provide you with instructions on how to reheat and serve them.

Our Services


3 x 4

3 Custom Entrees*

4 Portions Each

12 Total Meals

This option provides:

- 3 nights of dinners for 4 people.

- or 6 nights of dinners for 2 people.

- or breakfast, lunch, & dinner for 4 Days for 1 person.​


4 x 4

4 Custom Entrees*

4 Portions Each

16 Total Meals

This option provides:

- 4 nights of dinners for 4 people.

- or lunch & dinner, 4 days for 2 people.

- or breakfast, lunch, snack, & dinner, 4 days for 1 person.


5 x 4

5 Custom Entrees*

4 Portions Each

20 Total Meals

This option provides:

- 5 nights of dinners for 4 people.

- or 10 Nights of dinner for 2 people.

*Standard Entrees include: Protein, Starch/Carb, & Seasonal Vegetable*

Pricing includes: chef's fee, menu planning, grocery shopping, and preparation.  Pricing may change or vary depending upon the customization of meals.
Pricing does NOT include: Cost of goods/groceries & Local Sales Tax.


Your menu and meal plan are 100% customizable to meet your lifestyle and dietary needs. Here are some popular add-on options.

Extra Portions

Add an extra portion to each entree.


Want something to snack on between meals?

Fresh Juices

Bring the juice bar to your house. 


Ready to get started or want to learn more?

Contact us to setup up your free consultation

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